Riverside Arts Market

9 Aug

In our attempts to get to know our new city we visited the Riverside Arts Market on Saturday morning. The market is located downtown by the river under the I-95 bridge. Yes, underneath the interstate. This is odd.

When I think of people hanging out under bridges I think of hobos (Homeless? Home challenged? Not sure of the PC term here)…or people hiding from tornadoes (but according to the Weather channel this is a bad place to hide.) On the upside, the temperature under the interstate was a cool 97 degrees compared to the 108 degrees in the sun. Unfortunately, humidity isn’t affected by shade.

We decided to overlook the odd location and go anyway and to be honest it’s pretty cool.

The market is some kind of weird mix of street fair and farmer’s market. There’s fresh produce, herbs, homemade jams, and sauces (farmer’s market). There’s also all kinds of art, street performers and music performances (street fair). And food booths. Lots of food booths….carribean food, kettle corn, pizza, funnel cakes…almost as good as the real fair but I didn’t see any fried oreos so maybe not.

Oh, and it doesn’t start until 10a which is way better than most farmer’s markets which are usually over by then.

There are tons of people and almost as many dogs. Our’s can’t go because he doesn’t play well with others. And he’d probably just park himself by the sausage guy and refuse to move. He’s not really in to art.

The Riverside Arts Market was a good way to spend an hour or two on a Saturday morning…we like hanging out under bridges. That’s a win, Jacksonville.

(Oh…I almost forgot….they have cupcakes….and cupcake SAMPLES. Big win.)


2 Responses to “Riverside Arts Market”

  1. Jean August 11, 2011 at 1:06 am #

    Glad you liked RAM (local acronym for the Riverside Arts Market). Be sure to get out and explore the surrounding neighborhood. IMHO, Riverside Avondale is the prettiest–and best–neighborhood in J-ville. Welcome, BTW!

    • realhousewifeofjax August 11, 2011 at 1:38 pm #

      Thanks, Jean! Any recommendations for specific sights we should see?

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