30 Aug

I’ve been MIA for a little while. But I have a good excuse. Really. I  swear!

I’ve been busy.

Ok, so that’s a pretty lame excuse. But it’s true!

I had my first job interview (yay) and a follow up (yay). The husband is VERY excited about this.

We sold our condo in Charlotte (almost)(Yay!).

We bought a house (YAY!). I am VERY excited about this. I love our house. Love love love!!! Love!

But this has kept me pretty busy. Besides all the stuff we had to do to leave our apartment and all the closing shenanigans, there’s a lot to do when you move into a house.

We closed last Wednesday and the movers came Thursday morning. Which, being in the house with movers….awkward. Although less so when they’re delivering your stuff. At least I could unpack instead of just sit there and watch.

I spent the next three days unpacking boxes. Lots of boxes. I was dreaming of cardboard and packing tape. But now I’m done. And the floors of two rooms are covered with STUFF. I unpacked…I did not put away.

In between all the unpacking I’ve met with a gazillion people. Ok, maybe like three. But it seemed like more. I’ve met with the cable guy, the water guy, the alarm guy. Today I’m meeting the bug guy. Jacob said he’s going to get worried if I keep having guys over while he’s at work.

I’ve signed us up for membership at the Y. I’ve called the home warranty folks. I’ve called to schedule box pick up.

I have watched hurricane coverage obssessively. You may think this is because we just bought a house in Florida and I am concerned about hurricanes coming to visit. You would be wrong. I watch hurricane coverage obssessively every summer. I’m not sure why. (By the way, the eleventh named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season has formed over by Africa. Everyone say hello to Katia.)

So what has Jacob been doing while I’m working on settling into our house? Playing in his new garage. I fear I may never see him again.




One Response to “AWOL”

  1. Melissa Berlin October 6, 2011 at 7:02 am #

    This is the CUTEST! You’re hilarious! And I love all of the “yays” referencing the new gig. Since we’re kind of switching roles, I need your url please and thank you. You can have something like! Sound good? Good!

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