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My Dinner Was Better Than Your’s

23 Sep

Last night I made bacon and beer mac and cheese for dinner. It was good. Very good. Lick the casserole dish good.

I know, I’m proving Dad right again (that whole only eating mac and cheese and pizza thing). But it had beer and bacon so it’s different.

That counts, right?

No? Well, who asked you? I’m counting it.

Unfortunately, there were no redeeming qualities as far as healthiness goes other than whole wheat noodles. And lots of calcium.

Hey wait…that’s two healthy things in one dish! Beer and bacon mac and cheese is good for you!

I used a recipe from How Sweet Eats and added about 3 slices of chopped bacon.


Beer Mac and Cheese


Good news!

21 Sep

I just found heaven in a cupcake. Seriously. I was doing my usual blog stalking and came across a recipe that brought tears of joy to my eyes. Brownie banana bread cupcakes with brown sugar frosting. Yum!

Believe it or not, this isn’t my good news.  Although, depending on who you ask, the cupcakes may be better than my news.

The good news is that I accepted a job offer today! Yay! (I think.)

I have mixed emotions about this. I’m super excited to have money coming in instead of just going out but it is kinda nice not waking up to an alarm. And getting to do whatever I want. Like look at food porn. I’m thinking I’ll have to cut back on that once I start work. There were no Food Porn jobs available on so I had to settle for marketing.

Jacob is understandably thrilled that I will be getting off my butt and making some money come Monday morning. He was a little concerned about my blog, though. He thought I might have to change the name since I’ll no longer be a housewife.

I laughed.

I then explained that a lot of the Real Housewives have jobs. Mostly pretend jobs but still. (Jill Zarin claims to work but I only ever see her shopping. Maybe I missed the episode where she went to work.)  And I really threw him for a loop when I told him that a lot of them aren’t even wives.

So, anyway, lots of excitement today.



16 Sep

I was so busy ranting about the gym I forgot about this other stuff.

Today we closed on the condo in Charlotte, so we are back to being a one mortgage family. Yay!! I guess this makes it really official that we live in Florida. Well, this and the fact that we bought a house here. And I now have a Florida driver’s license and license plate.

We’ve been in Florida two months today…yay! And married for five…awww. And my birthday is Sunday. And Jacob and I have been together for eight years this month. So, theoretically, we should be celebrating this weekend. Unfortunately, Jacob will be working most of the weekend.

Some big machine at work broke so he’s been working a lot the last week and a half. Apparently “turn it off and turn it back on” is not the cure-all in the steel mill that it is in an office.

The big excitement at home today is that Harley caught a squirrel. Sort of. It was kinda small so I don’t think it was a grown-up squirrel…and it didn’t seem very smart.

I let Harley out onto our screened porch this morning (after five mintues of coaxing to get him up…my dog is LAZY) and he darted over to the corner where said squirrel was climbing up the other side. The squirrel froze. Instead of  jumping off and running away. So they are nose to nose on opposite sides of the screen. Which confused the hell out of Harley.

 I let Harley out and he ran around to the outside where the squirrel was. Now the squirrel climbs. And panics. And falls. Almost on to Harley’s head. Which confused the hell out of Harley.

They both gathered their wits and began playing chase. This was not a bright squirrel. He turned around and ran directly into Harley. Which confused the hell out of Harley.

Harley jumped on him a few times with the sqirrel squealing (did you know squirrels squeal?) but never actually tried to eat him…which is good. I think. Eventually, the squirrel ran up the screen and wedged himself between the wall and a window frame. He stayed there for about 6 hours before he finally decided it was safe to escape.

It was funnier than it sounds. Guess you had to be there.

Gym=Torture Chamber

16 Sep

I hate the gym. Really hate.  A lot. I’m pretty sure the devil invented gyms. Or Dr. Evil. Or some other villain type.

I don’t care what anyone says…there is nothing fun about exercise. No, I do not feel better after I exercise. I feel tired and hot and sweaty. And usually hungry.

Even though I hate it, I go to the gym a lot. I go at least four times a week and spend most of my time on the torture device otherwise known as an elliptical. I do this so I can eat cupcakes and still fit in my clothes. I’m pretty sure my husband is not interested in buying me a whole new wardrobe simply because I can’t control my sugar addiction.

It’s too bad things aren’t like they were back in the day (not when my parents were kids….like way way back in the day) when all those famous European guys used “plus size” models.  Have you ever looked at any of those famous paintings by Boticelli or any of those guys? Their models did not look like Giselle. (Neither does anyone else…I’m pretty sure she’s an alien.) True, they probably didn’t have cupcakes…but they did have petit fours which are pretty much the same thing. 

It is possible that I am even more anti-gym today than usual since I’m still getting over this stupid cold. And who’s brilliant idea was it to go to the gym at lunch time? Oh yeah…mine. Apparently I hate exercise even more when I’m sick and hungry. Didn’t know that was possible. Huh….learn something every day I guess.

I think I’m done ranting. And I think I’ll have a cookie. Or three. I did exercise today.

14 Sep

I’m bad at this whole blogging thing. Like really bad. At least at the whole “regularly” part of it. I am going to blame it on the house again.

It’s only kind of the house’s fault. I spent all of last week back in NC funeralizing (sad). The upside is that I managed to reconnect with two old friends and three long lost cousins in the process (happy).

I got back to Florida on Friday and spent the weekend catching up on house stuff. I’ve got almost everything put away…we’re down to covering the floor of just one room.

 But I got slowed down again this week. By a cold. This cold? Sucks. Alot. If this post is completely disjointed and makes no sense….it’s the medicine’s fault.

Since we’ve been in our new house I’ve been slowly breaking in my new kicthen. I’ve made fresh salsa, banana bread and tried a new recipe. I figured for my first new recipe I’d go with something fairly familiar that I was certain Jacob would like.

I made a Cajun Chicken Pasta. It was soooo good. So good I wanted to lick the plate. But I didn’t. Because that would be rude. Instead I ran my finger along the bottom of the plate and licked the sauce off my finger. Because I have manners.

If pasta’s your thing you can find the recipe here:

I promise to start posting more regularly….if the house will let me!