Gym=Torture Chamber

16 Sep

I hate the gym. Really hate.  A lot. I’m pretty sure the devil invented gyms. Or Dr. Evil. Or some other villain type.

I don’t care what anyone says…there is nothing fun about exercise. No, I do not feel better after I exercise. I feel tired and hot and sweaty. And usually hungry.

Even though I hate it, I go to the gym a lot. I go at least four times a week and spend most of my time on the torture device otherwise known as an elliptical. I do this so I can eat cupcakes and still fit in my clothes. I’m pretty sure my husband is not interested in buying me a whole new wardrobe simply because I can’t control my sugar addiction.

It’s too bad things aren’t like they were back in the day (not when my parents were kids….like way way back in the day) when all those famous European guys used “plus size” models.  Have you ever looked at any of those famous paintings by Boticelli or any of those guys? Their models did not look like Giselle. (Neither does anyone else…I’m pretty sure she’s an alien.) True, they probably didn’t have cupcakes…but they did have petit fours which are pretty much the same thing. 

It is possible that I am even more anti-gym today than usual since I’m still getting over this stupid cold. And who’s brilliant idea was it to go to the gym at lunch time? Oh yeah…mine. Apparently I hate exercise even more when I’m sick and hungry. Didn’t know that was possible. Huh….learn something every day I guess.

I think I’m done ranting. And I think I’ll have a cookie. Or three. I did exercise today.


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