16 Sep

I was so busy ranting about the gym I forgot about this other stuff.

Today we closed on the condo in Charlotte, so we are back to being a one mortgage family. Yay!! I guess this makes it really official that we live in Florida. Well, this and the fact that we bought a house here. And I now have a Florida driver’s license and license plate.

We’ve been in Florida two months today…yay! And married for five…awww. And my birthday is Sunday. And Jacob and I have been together for eight years this month. So, theoretically, we should be celebrating this weekend. Unfortunately, Jacob will be working most of the weekend.

Some big machine at work broke so he’s been working a lot the last week and a half. Apparently “turn it off and turn it back on” is not the cure-all in the steel mill that it is in an office.

The big excitement at home today is that Harley caught a squirrel. Sort of. It was kinda small so I don’t think it was a grown-up squirrel…and it didn’t seem very smart.

I let Harley out onto our screened porch this morning (after five mintues of coaxing to get him up…my dog is LAZY) and he darted over to the corner where said squirrel was climbing up the other side. The squirrel froze. Instead of  jumping off and running away. So they are nose to nose on opposite sides of the screen. Which confused the hell out of Harley.

 I let Harley out and he ran around to the outside where the squirrel was. Now the squirrel climbs. And panics. And falls. Almost on to Harley’s head. Which confused the hell out of Harley.

They both gathered their wits and began playing chase. This was not a bright squirrel. He turned around and ran directly into Harley. Which confused the hell out of Harley.

Harley jumped on him a few times with the sqirrel squealing (did you know squirrels squeal?) but never actually tried to eat him…which is good. I think. Eventually, the squirrel ran up the screen and wedged himself between the wall and a window frame. He stayed there for about 6 hours before he finally decided it was safe to escape.

It was funnier than it sounds. Guess you had to be there.


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