Good news!

21 Sep

I just found heaven in a cupcake. Seriously. I was doing my usual blog stalking and came across a recipe that brought tears of joy to my eyes. Brownie banana bread cupcakes with brown sugar frosting. Yum!

Believe it or not, this isn’t my good news.  Although, depending on who you ask, the cupcakes may be better than my news.

The good news is that I accepted a job offer today! Yay! (I think.)

I have mixed emotions about this. I’m super excited to have money coming in instead of just going out but it is kinda nice not waking up to an alarm. And getting to do whatever I want. Like look at food porn. I’m thinking I’ll have to cut back on that once I start work. There were no Food Porn jobs available on so I had to settle for marketing.

Jacob is understandably thrilled that I will be getting off my butt and making some money come Monday morning. He was a little concerned about my blog, though. He thought I might have to change the name since I’ll no longer be a housewife.

I laughed.

I then explained that a lot of the Real Housewives have jobs. Mostly pretend jobs but still. (Jill Zarin claims to work but I only ever see her shopping. Maybe I missed the episode where she went to work.)  And I really threw him for a loop when I told him that a lot of them aren’t even wives.

So, anyway, lots of excitement today.



One Response to “Good news!”

  1. Gavin (@gavins) September 22, 2011 at 8:12 am #

    congrats on your job offer (and acceptance)!

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