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1 Month

30 Mar

Ok, I know I said I’d do better and it’s been awhile. But it hasn’t been six months. So…better, right?

I have offically been housewife-ing it up for a month now so I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to. Not much. The end.

What’s that? You can’t go on without knowing how I’ve been filling my days? Oh, ok, fine. But don’t say I didn’t warn you that it would be dull.

I’ve been to the gym. A lot. I went to yoga. It was good. I went to Body Combat. I thought I was going to die. I might be dead. (I’m a “ghost” writer. Haha.)

I’ve been looking at food porn. A lot. And baking.

Last week I made dulce de leche swirled brownies. They were awesome but no where near as awesome as the cookies I made last night.

If we’re friends on Facebook then you already know that these cookies are like crack but better. Seriously. Addictive.

And they make an awesome breakfast. And they have brown sugar which I’m pretty sure means they’re healthy. (Wheat bread is brown and it’s healthy, brown rice is healthy…thus brown things are healthy.) (You wish you had my justification skills.) And these have browned butter and mine had brown eggs. Three brown things…yay! Super healthy cookies! Perfectly appropriate for breakfast.

Oh, you should think about adding ice cream because that would be sooo good. Oooh…and caramel would be good too! Hmm…I need to go to the store….

The recipe came from Jessica over at How Sweet Eats.

I’ve already told you that her blog is one of my favorite food porn sites but have I told you I think she lives in my head? Yep. Pretty sure. Why? Because she comes up with recipes like these cookies. And banana bread french toast which…really? Yes, please.

Pretty sure we were separated at birth. (She’s also the beer mac and cheese chick…made that again too. Awesome.)

Here’s a link to the cookies in case you need some (trust me…you do.):

Hmm…so baking, gym….oh yeah tv. I’ve been watching tv. Nope, not Housewives or Matchmaker this time.

Criminal Minds, Wild Justice and Duck Dynasty have been pretty high up on my list. My tv tastes are well rounded. Eclectic you might say.

Duck Dynasty…you need to watch this show. I don’t know how to describe it other than millionaire redneck awesomeness.

Wild Justice is educational. On Wild Justice I’ve learned all about growing weed in the mountains in California. I also learned that deer penis is believed to increase energy and was actually a banned substance at the 2008 Olympics. Yep.

So that’s about it. I mean, I have been applying for jobs. Really…I do that during commercials. And I’ve been to lunch with friends. And I do laundry…sometimes. When I don’t forget it in the dryer. Oh wait….


I’m baa-aaack

1 Mar

Did you miss me? I know you did. And you are so excited that I’m back, right? Oh, come on, don’t be mad. I wasn’t ignoring you….really. I was just…busy. But now I’m not, so…yay?

So I’ll start posting again…at least when I have something interesting to say. But let’s face it…everything I have to say is interesting. At least I think so.

A synopsis of the last few months: they sucked. A lot. 2012 can bite me.

I did find another super awesome cupcake place though! Sweets by Holly even makes mini cupcakes….and they have Mini Mondays when minis are $1! And they’re delicious. I think maybe I need one or four.

Hmm…anything else interesting?

Probably but I’ll save it for later. Don’t want to overwhelm you with all of my awesomeness at once. I just wanted to let you know that I’m back! (Yes, really. No this isn’t like the last time I said I would do better. Yes, I promise.)