I’m baa-aaack

1 Mar

Did you miss me? I know you did. And you are so excited that I’m back, right? Oh, come on, don’t be mad. I wasn’t ignoring you….really. I was just…busy. But now I’m not, so…yay?

So I’ll start posting again…at least when I have something interesting to say. But let’s face it…everything I have to say is interesting. At least I think so.

A synopsis of the last few months: they sucked. A lot. 2012 can bite me.

I did find another super awesome cupcake place though! Sweets by Holly even makes mini cupcakes….and they have Mini Mondays when minis are $1! And they’re delicious. I think maybe I need one or four.

Hmm…anything else interesting?

Probably but I’ll save it for later. Don’t want to overwhelm you with all of my awesomeness at once. I just wanted to let you know that I’m back! (Yes, really. No this isn’t like the last time I said I would do better. Yes, I promise.)


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