Status update

18 Apr

See? I told you I’m trying! Two posts in one week…you are so lucky! I realized that while I posted yesterday I didn’t actually tell you what’s been happening around here. And I know you’re dying to know. Because it’s that exciting. (Also, you should probably rethink your definition of exciting.)

Harley and I have a had few creature encounters.

We had another squirrel on the porch. I really need to start checking the porch before I turn the dog loose. Or possibly just start closing the screen door. Harley caught him, then let him go, then caught him, then let him go, then I caught Harley. It would have been funny except for all of the squirrel screaming. Squirrel screaming is a fairly disturbing sound.

We had a snake, also on the porch. Harley handled it better than the time he found a turtle…meaning he did not hide behind me and bark. He just stood in front of it and barked. A lot. And dodged strikes. This was not a happy snake…very bitey. It was a good snake though, so we didn’t kill it. Hopefully he’s hanging around keeping the water moccasins from across the street out of my yard. I’m not afraid of snakes, but a moccasin on my porch? No.


Harley vs. Snake


Harley has become a lizard hunting machine. He does tend to get somewhat upset when they stop playing with him though. I keep trying to tell him that picking them up by their heads and throwing them in the air is not a good way to make new friends. When they stop getting up to play, he starts to bark at them. And step on them. I think we need to work on his social skills.

Speaking of lizards…I also had this…whatever it is….on my porch. It’s bigger than it looks….about 12 inches long and as big around as a garden hose. WTF? Lizards are supposed to be little and green. I think this is a baby dragon.

Baby dragon. Breathes fire. Maybe.

I need to send a thank you note to the folks who lived here before us. Her roses are making me very happy. Thank goodness they planted stuff that’s tough enough to survive without my help. Considering that the only plant I have ever been able to keep alive is a cactus (and to be honest…it’s not looking good for it either) I don’t think there was much hope of me actually growing a rose. Or anything else.

See? Pretty!

Still job hunting. I’ve had one phone interview and one in person. Both seemed like they went pretty well but we’ll see. Being a housewife is better this time around, though. It’s kinda fun when I go meet friends for lunch and they complain about going back to work and I get to go home. Or to the beach. Or shopping. Or take a nap.

Monday was our first wedding anniverary. Instead of paper, the husband decided this was the booze anniversary and got me a case of wine. I’m ok with that. Bonus: There were no tornadoes!

Oh…and I’ve been baking. A lot. Mostly recipes from Jessica at How Sweet. You know I love her…and those of you who tried the crack cookies and the snicker-chip-doodle cookies…you love her too.

Oh…and I have a new hobby which I will tell you about in ANOTHER post. (I am on a roll!)

So I think that wraps up the last few weeks. Any questions?

PS. The baby dragon hung around for a few days so I named him Larry.

PPS. Larry is the only lizard we have that Harley never even noticed. My dog? Champion hunter.


2 Responses to “Status update”

  1. Lauren April 19, 2012 at 8:42 pm #

    You? l love you.

    • realhousewifeofjax April 20, 2012 at 3:30 pm #

      Thanks!I love you as much as I love cupcakes.

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