Handgun Barbie

19 Apr

Three in a row! Have I mentioned I’m on a roll? ‘Cause I am!

So I told you I have a new hobby. I do. What is it you ask?

Shooting guns.

Handgun Barbie. Bullet proof vest not included.

I can hear most of you now “WHAT?!? Who thought it was a good idea to give HER a gun?!”

This is pretty much the verbatim reaction of my husband. He does not think my new hobby is a good idea. He thinks chances are high that he’ll get shot. Again, I often have to disregard what he thinks.

Because shooting guns? Is all kinds of so much fun!

And I’ll be honest…shooting a handgun makes me feel pretty badass.

And I’m actually not that bad at it. See?

Dead Bad Guy

This in and of itself is big news because I have no hand-eye coordination. At all. Yes, this means I suck at sports. Yes, all of them.

I went to the shooting range for the first time with my mom and her best friend and we had such a good time we went back the next day. In fact, we had so much fun Mom got me a subscription to Garden and Gun as an anniversary present so I can read about guns. And why I kill everything in my yard.

Now we’re planning to get our concealed carry permits. That’s right…I’ll be packing. Bring it, Bad Guys.

After I get my permit…I’m getting a gun. A pink one. Yes, they make them. No, it does not decrease your badass quotient if your gun is pink. Pretty and functional makes it that much more awesome.

So yeah…I like shooting guns. A lot. You may all want to hide now. Well, not yet…I haven’t gotten my gun yet. I’ll let you know when I do so you can invest in a bullet proof vest.

Oh, and again, for those of you counting, that’s three posts THIS WEEK. Pretty sure that earns me a cupcake!



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