Magic Truck

23 Apr

Yesterday was exciting. Jacob’s truck had a kitten. This truck just got way cooler.

Yesterday afternoon we were leaving to go to the gym when I heard a strange meowing coming from under Jacob’s truck. We have a neighborhood cat that likes to climb on our cars and I was afraid that Tiger had somehow gotten himself stuck in the under carriage of the truck. I didn’t see anything just looking so I climbed under the truck. There on the wheel rod thingie was the cutest teeniest tiniest little kitten I’ve ever seen.

Really. The cutest kitten I’ve ever seen. She was orange and stripey with blue eyes. I wanted to keep her. So wanted to keep her.

Jacob asked what I was going to do with her. Duh, keep her! Yay, new kitten!

I figured it would be bad karma to steal someone’s kitten, so I sent him on to the gym (finding a kitten=perfect excuse to skip the gym!) while I tried to find out if anyone in the neighborhood had lost one. Nope.

All the neighbors immediately fell in love with her and started bringing out kitten food and supplies for the new neighborhood pet. (Finding a kitten=neighborhood bonding experience.)

Have I mentioned I wanted to keep this kitten? So much. Wanted to keep her forever and ever. So I took her home.

Harley was…umm…very excited about the new friend I brought home. He wanted to play with her. I think the same way he plays with lizards. His social skills have not improved in the last few days so that seemed like a bad idea.

I may have forgotten to mention that I am VERY allergic to cats. I’m also allergic to dogs but manage just fine with Harley as long as I remember to take an allergy pill. Unfortunately, that did not seem to be working with the kitten. After an hour of holding her and playing with her, my throat was on fire, I was wheezing and I was starting to break out in hives.

Sad. No kittens for me. It took two Benadryl (Benadryls? Benadri? I’m not sure of the plural for that) and a shower before I could breathe again. (Yes, this meant I was useless for the rest of the night but it was Sunday and I don’t cook on Sunday anyway.)

Luckily, a neighbor two houses down had fallen equally in love and she took the kitten in. She swears she’s not keeping her, that she’s going to pawn her off on another of neighbor of our’s who wasn’t home yesterday, but I don’t believe her. That kitten isn’t going anywhere.

Today, I’ve been going outside every few hours to see if any of the cars have magically produced another kitten. A hypoallergenic one. No luck yet.

So lots of excitement yesterday. Unfortunately, I was so excited about the super adorable kitten that I forgot to take a picture of the super adorable kitten. Sorry.

Instead, here is another picture of my lizard hunter lizard hunting.


I'm going in!



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