Be jealous. Very Jealous.

3 May

I’m going on vacation. Yay!!!

Why do I need a vacation?

Hey…it’s hard work looking for a job. I deserve a break.

I really have nothing else to share…I’m just excited. In 46 hours we will be landing on the island of St. Kitts and in 45 hours I plan to be on a lounge chair with drink in hand.

What’s that? You’ll miss me?

Well…if I get bored looking at palm trees and blue sea, drinking rum drinks and reading trashy novels…I’ll post. Don’t hold your breath, though. I’m kinda lazy so this sounds like a pretty awesome way to spend a week to me. Throw in a few friends and I may never come home.

Although…Harley will be here, so I probably will. Probably.

PS…A hawk scared off my nesting bird. No baby birds and no magic truck kitten…I think I need a puppy, don’t you?


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