Slacker Blogger

8 Jun

I know I said I’d do a post about our vacation…but…I got distracted. By other people’s blogs. And food porn. Ok…mostly food porn.

So here are the vacation highlights:

It was pretty.

Atlantic on the left, Caribbean on the right,
St. Kitts in the middle, Nevis in the distance

We spent the days being lazy on the beach.

View from my beach chair.

I held a monkey.

Yep, that monkey’s wearing a diaper.

Also, there were a lot of rum drinks…but for some reason I forgot to take pictures of those. So yeah…not a bad way to spend a week.

Since we got back…

It’s June which means that my annual obsession with hurricanes has begun. I check the National Hurricane Center website at least once a day…that goes up to five times a day in August.

Two weeks ago we had our first tropical storm of the year. (Which was in May…before the season started. Hurricanes are cheaters.) No damage…just a lot of noise.

Since then we’ve gotten over 15 inches of rain.

Really, Mother Nature? 15 inches? Was that necessary?

I now have a swamp…with turtles…in my back yard. Also, the garage ceiling collapsed. Ok…not the whole thing. Ok, not even a square foot…but still. Not good.

Very not good.

We’ve had a leak in the roof over the garage since we bought the house. It was one of the things found during the home inspection that the sellers had to get fixed.

Only…it wasn’t. Fixed, I mean. Obviously.

The roof guy has been back out at least twice and still hasn’t managed to fix it. During the monsoon yesterday afternoon…part of the ceiling collapsed. You can imagine how happy the husband was when he got home. Yeah, fun times.

So tomorrow the roof guy is coming AGAIN. Fourth time’s the charm?

What else has been going on?

Oh yeah…we headed to NC for a weekend (the first time we attempted the trip without a long weekend…this will not be a regular occurrence) for a wedding and saw some awesome friends. And had Cook Out. Twice! Almost worth the drive just for a banana milkshake. So…good times.

also, I convinced Jacob to eat something green.

I just wanted an excuse to post a picture of this ’cause it’s pretty. I love pretty food. He did eat it, though.

And I made this for lunch today.

Brie, Nutella and raspberry grilled cheese. So good!

If heaven came in sandwich form…this would be it. It’s gooey and melty and creamy and sweet and tart and salty and so many kinds of awesome. I think I need another….now.


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