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Annual Review

16 Jul

We have officially been living in Jacksonville for a year today. We arrived at our temporary home at 8:15 p.m. last July 16th. It’s been a crazy year.

The Good

We sold a condo and bought an amazing house. We started two new jobs. We met some new friends. We’ve had great weekends with a few houseguests. We took a great trip with fabulous friends.

The Bad

We had three funerals. We had one collapsed ceiling. We had one lost job and seven months of unemployment (for me) (almost). We had one hospital visit.

The Rest

I tried countless new recipes. Jacob played a lot of soccer. We’ve worn out I-95 between Florida and North Carolina. Harley became a lizard hunter and has evolved into a turtle hunter. (He still doesn’t like them but he doesn’t hide any more….he even has a “turtle bark” for when he finds one.)

So, yeah….it’s been a year.

It’s been about five weeks since I posted anything (I know, such a slacker!). Since then, my mom has come to visit and we spent a long weekend in NC before the 4th.

Most importantly, we found an Eastern NC style barbecue sandwich here in FL. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am. Really? Pulled pork with vinegar sauce and mac and cheese on the side? Yes, please!

We took on our first painting project last weekend and painted one of the guest bathrooms. If you saw our guest bath in Charlotte you know it was painted a very…uh…vibrant shade of yellow. Like…Crayola yellow. Jacob did not get a vote in selecting the color this time. Turned out pretty well, I think.

Not bad. Still yellow…just not so…Crayola.

So, that’s about it. A year….