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Busy Again

26 Aug

So…I’m busy again. Yes, that means I got a new job. You may cheer now.

<Pause for  cheering>

Thank you, thank you. I’m very excited about this and even more excited about the PAYCHECK I got on Friday. Yay paychecks!

Unfortunately, I was still unable to find a job looking at food porn.

Instead, I’m working for a small financial company and am excited to learn about a new industry. Seems like a good company and they treat employees really well. Really, really well. And they only work half days on Fridays. So…yeah that doesn’t suck. This is how I spent my Friday afternoon:

Happy Half-Day Friday!

So…yay job!

So a quick run down of everything else that’s been going on in the last few weeks:

We had some friends over for dinner…I made blueberry-basil margaritas. They were delicious and very healthy as they had both fruit and something green in them.

Our computer crashed. It was bad…I felt a little lost without my food porn. Luckily, after working for a software company, I know some handy tech-y people who will work for cookies.

I found snake number two on our porch. Jacob was less helpful than I hoped with the last snake so I just handled this one on my own. He was smaller than the last one but just as bitey. Here is a picture:

Snake 2.0

We also made a trip to the Emergency Room. In the nine years Jacob and I have been together we have made two trips to the ER. Both have been in the year since we moved to Florida. Conclusion? Florida is bad for our health.

Apparently, Jacob dislocated his toe during a soccer game. I met him at the hospital where the relocating of his toe involved shots, drugs, multiple doctors and lots of screaming.

J’s relocated toe

So that’s most of what happened. There’s more but it’s time for me to eat and food trumps blog. I’ll save it for next time. (Don’t worry…I wrote it down.)


Super Nerd

19 Aug

I am a huge nerd. Huge. I love books. Like, seriously…LOVE. A lot.

When I first moved in with Jacob, I had six months left on the lease on my apartment so I moved slowly. My bookshelves were one of the last things to make the move because they were big. And heavy. Mostly heavy.

Anyway, once we got them in the house Jacob went out to run errands. When he came home he went wandering through our house (actually our condo) looking for me (he obviously wasn’t looking very hard…there are a fairly limited number of places to hide in a two bedroom condo). He found me in the guest room looking at the bookshelves with a huge smile on my face.

Him: What are you doing in here?

Me: Looking at my books!

Him: Well, damn, if I had known they would make you this happy, I’d brought them over six months ago!

All of this is a very long way to point out how much I like books.

I have a “to read” shelf that currently holds 10 books (the record is 27…buying books is kind of an addiction of mine) and I have both a Kindle AND a Nook which each have another five or six. (Yes, I have both a Kindle and a Nook…what part of book nerd do you not understand?)

So anyway, all of this is a preface to the story of what I did last week.

Last week I went to Target. When I go to Target I always visit the books. Usually I see two or three that I want and buy one (as a treat…becuase I’m sure I’ll do something to deserve it at some point) and just remember to add the others to my Nook wishlist.

Now, since I’m not working and I already have approximately 20 books to choose from, I am trying not to buy books. So, of course, I saw about 15 that I wanted to read right now. Right this minute.

I cannot justify buying 15 books. Well, I can (I’ve got mad justification skills!) but not in a way that my husband, or any other reasonable non-book-obsessed person, would consider valid.

Obvious solution? Write down the titles to add to my wishlist. Problem solved, right?

Wrong. I don’t usually carry a pen and paper around with me. Time for a slightly more creative solution.

I have a smart phone. It takes pictures. You see where this is going, don’t you?

Yeah, the super nerd in the book section of Target taking pictures of the covers of all the books she wanted? Yeah…that was me.