Random Stuff

11 Sep

So I said I had more stuff. I do.

Sort of.

Kind of. Maybe?

OK, nothing really interesting but just stuff.

We went home for Labor Day. Yay! We spent a few days at the beach celebrating Labor (?) and my dad’s birthday. Two of our best friends joined us with their two year old son.

Cutest. Kid. Ever.

Yeah, all your kids are cute but this one is cuter. I have an awesome picture of him in a hat and sunglasses but my camera doesn’t have the connect-y cord thing so you’ll just have to trust me. So cute.

Great weekend.

My mom is working at the gun range….which is awesome. She is also building her own personal arsenal, so bad guys? Yeah, you may want to skip her house. Just sayin’.

My blog has gone international. It has had viewers (ok probably just one) in Qatar (and John R….this had to be you…so if you read it again, thanks!) and Venezuela (again probably just one) but it totally counts.

Also, I was a little…umm…disturbed when I saw that one of the search terms that led someone to my blog was “torture chamber”. I used this phrase in a post about the gym (which I HATE). What disturbs me, is that someone is searching this term. Really? WTF are you doing with that information?

I am really glad that my blog doesn’t have any location specific information. Really glad.

“They” (those poeple who do things) are messing up my Target. They tell me it is going to be better…but for now…it is wrong. I don’t like it when it’s wrong. They put the books in the back. The back! Wrong.

Harley loves me more than Jacob. This isn’t news…he’s a momma’s boy….but it was still really funny when Jacob tried to pick him up and he walked away and climbed in my lap. Ha! He showed you!

So that’s it…completely random stuff that doesn’t form a cohesive post so I put it in a random, rambling post titled “Random Stuff”. Feel free to skip this post, if you like. Although, if you’ve made it this far, it’s too late for that. Sorry.


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