T.G.I.O. (Thank God It’s Over!)

15 Jan

So today was a bad day. Just one of those days where you just can’t win. The universe hates you. A screw-the-glass-gimme-the-bottle kinda day.

(Don’t worry, family, everything is fine…keep reading!)

I dropped my car off for some repairs this morning and picked up a rental. Normally, I don’t need a rental because we have three cars but since the Camaro just got a fancy new engine, it’s going back to the shop for some tweaks.

So, I got a rental. There was supposed to be a pretty shiny Jetta waiting for me when I came in at 8am. There was not.

It was 10:00am before they found a car for me (a giant Silverado, by the way….yeah, that’s me driving around in the ginormous truck).

I spent part of the two hours I waited, sort of patiently, putting out work-related fires. On my phone. Because they have no wi-fi.

And it was one fire after another. Deadline looming here, wrong ad submitted there, where is this, why is that…..

On top of this, I was supposed to be setting up and hosting an event at work that was scheduled to begin at 11am. I was 40 miles from my office. Yeah, I was a little panicked.

So I got my truck and (very safely and carefully and obeying all traffic laws) hauled ass to work.

I walked in full of apologies, frustration and just a touch of panic. And kinda feeling like I wanted to cry.

My boss just smiled and said, “No big deal. Don’t worry about it. I heard you had a little trouble this morning.”

Well, that was all the encouragement I needed to launch into a short but dramatic retelling of exactly what led to me being more than an hour and half late for work.

And then one of my favorite clients walked over and gave me a hug.

And then a few more favorites arrived for our event and gave out more hugs and compliments and general happiness.

And then my day was better. Not good, not fine, but better.

It did not stop the printer from deciding that I am evil and jamming on every single document I sent. Every. Single. One. It did not stop the grumpy old lady from complaining about WHERE OUR BUILDING IS LOCATED (because I obviously put it there specifically to piss her off….that’s how I get my kicks…hiding buildings from little old ladies.)

But it made my day oh so much better than it would have been otherwise.

So this is a long way of saying….today I love my job. And the people I work for. And the people I work with. And all of our awesome clients.

Tomorrow I may feel differently. But today? Today I love my job.


One Response to “T.G.I.O. (Thank God It’s Over!)”

  1. Walker January 15, 2013 at 10:07 pm #

    Wonderful post!! And so glad your day ended up happy and that you love your job. Good thing since you spend 8 hours a day there!! Love you!! Your MOM!

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