The Easter Bunny Lives in My Backyard

26 Mar

He showed up at Easter, thus he is the Easter Bunny.

Barnaby the Easter Bunny

Barnaby the Easter Bunny

I have named him Barnaby and asked him to stay.

Harley thinks we should name him Dinner and eat him. Now.

Jacob thinks we should call him Dinner and Harley should eat him before Barnaby eats all the grass.

They were overruled. His name is Barnaby and he’s staying. And maybe bringing chocolate eggs.

Does anyone know where the whole Easter Bunny thing came from? WTF does an anthropomorphized rabbit have to do with Jesus? And why does he bring eggs? Rabbits don’t even lay eggs!

Notice that I am curious enough to wonder about it here and yet not curious enough to Google “origins of the Easter Bunny”…

Working on a food post. It will be much more interesting than random musings about the Easter Bunny, as it will be about food. Points to you for reading this post though!


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