Yay me!

20 Apr

What? Did I get a job? No, why would you think that? OH…the whole “yay me” thing?

Nope, I just wanted to let you know I got my reward for three posts in a row (that’s the “yay me” thing). See?

Lemon flavored = fruit = healthy!

Yes, it was delicious. I had it for lunch. What? It’s lemon…fruit for lunch is healthy.

What’s that? Is this the only cupcake I bought? Umm…sure. Of course.

What do you mean you don’t believe me?

Damn you. You know me too well.

How many did I buy? Not many. Really. Ok fine! I bought five! Yes, five. I like to have options.

Also, it occurs to me that I would be much more productive if I were rewarded in cupcakes for everything I do. Made dinner? Cupcake for me! Did the laundry? Cupcake! Vacuumed the house? Three cupcakes! (I REALLY hate to vacuum.)

Potential employers? I hope you’re paying attention. I pretty much just said I will work for cupcakes.

I also wanted to brag again about all the pretty flowers in my yard that I had absolutely nothing to do with growing. But they’re in my yard…soooo…pretty sure I get the credit! Yay me!

See? Pretty flowers.

Hibiscus...yes we moved to Hawaii. You didn't know?

Pink rose

UFO---Unidentified Flowering Object

They’re better in person.

You should really see them in person. Now. They’re ready now. Get in your car. I’ll wait.

What? Well, I know it’s a long drive to Florida. You don’t want to drive all the way here just to see flowers? Well, you could stay awhile and visit too. Please? I’ll buy you cupcakes….

What do you mean that doesn’t work on everyone?

Oh fine then. Just look at the pictures.

Here is a picture of the plant I AM responsible for growing.

Is there a Plant Protective Services? Because if so...I have a feeling they'll be paying me a visit soon.

In other news, someone should inform the ducks around here that this is a family neighborhood. I saw two of them having sex…on the sidewalk…..outside of the elementary school….at get out of school time. Inappropriate. And probably traumatizing for children. And me. I didn’t know ducks did that. I don’t know where I thought baby ducks came from….magic eggs? Apparently not.


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